September 29,1995: What’s New at the Fair?


When the Dixie Classic Fair opened on this day in 1995, the announced theme was “Time for New Heights in Excitement.”

Hidden in this theme is a clue to a new feature at the fairgrounds this year.  A new clock tower was unveiled at the fair for the first time.

The clock tower is more than a large, fancy timepiece.  It does help to display the time for fair goers.  It also serves as a central meeting place, an entertainment venue, and the place from which announcements are made that are broadcast throughout the fairgrounds.

How many children have received the instructions, “if we get separated, come to the clock tower?”  Its high visibility offers some solace to concerned parents and children.

The clock tower continues to light the sky above the fairgrounds.

Photo by Molly Grogan Rawls.

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