July 9,1954: Farmers Dairy Bar Opens

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On this day in 1954, the Farmers Dairy Bar opened on Stratford Road.

The new building was a two-story, Colonial-style structure, with lots of windows on all sides.

The floors were made of terrazzo tile and the interior lights gave a “bright as day” appearance.

A private party room, called the Colonial Room, was right off the main dining area.  The room featured scenes from the Orton Plantation in Wilmington.  The room could be reserved for special events, such as birthday parties and luncheons.

The restaurant served all types of ice cream treats, such as banana splits, milk shakes, and sundaes, plus sandwiches and meals.  It was a popular stop for after movie or after bowling snacks.  The Major League Bowling Lanes were in the neighboring building.  All the movie theatres were situated downtown, just a short distance away.

The A&P Grocery Store was located right behind the Dairy Bar.

Farmers Dairy Bar was one of the first buildings in this area of Stratford Road.  When it opened, Thruway Shopping Center was still under construction.

After the Dairy Bar closed, Mayberry’s Ice Cream Shoppe filled this location, until it moved to Miller Street.  The building was demolished and a new group of buildings was constructed at this site.  The Five Points Restaurant is located here today.

Photos courtesy of Forsyth County Public Library Photograph Collection.

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    Does anyone have a menu from Farners Dairy? Do you recall their polish ham sandwich?

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