Monthly Archive: April 2015


April 15, 2015: The Changing Look of Stratford Road

Stratford Road continually changes its look as businesses come and go.  The latest construction project involves the former Hanes Knitting Company location at 700 S. Stratford Road. The Hanes Knitting Company building was demolished,...


April 6, 2015: Mystery Solved!

       The stained glass window, shown above and on the Easter post yesterday, resides on the back wall of the William Francis Shaffner vault in Salem Cemetery.  The Shaffner vault is also...


April 5, 2015: Happy Easter!

Winston-Salem has been called the “Easter City.”  Thousands of visitors flock to Winston-Salem during the Easter season.  The Moravian Easter Sunrise Services take place throughout the county on Easter Sunday, led by Moravian brass...