April 6, 2015: Mystery Solved!

He is Risen      IMG_5658

The stained glass window, shown above and on the Easter post yesterday, resides on the back wall of the William Francis Shaffner vault in Salem Cemetery.  The Shaffner vault is also shown above.

The window is clearly visible by peering in the front door, and is illuminated by the light from outside.

If you would like to see Easter photos taken in Winston-Salem through the years, look at www.digitalforsyth.org and  search for the word Easter.  The Winston-Salem Journal photographers created many beautiful front page features for the Easter Sunday edition, in earlier years.  This was not the case this year.  In fact, Easter was barely even mentioned on the front page.   It’s too bad, especially considering how difficult it was to produce a color image in the newspaper when it involved a three-color process.  Today, digital photography makes it easy.

And, as shown above, all it takes is a trip to the cemetery to capture an Easter photograph, for Winston-Salem, the “Easter City.”

Photo by Molly Grogan Rawls.

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