July 23: Happy Birthday! Shirley Evan Hall


Shirley Evan Hall was born on this day in 1872, in Yadkin County, to Rev. J. Sanford and Carrie Hauser Hall.

Shirley attended Union High School at East Bend, the Pinacle Academy in Stokes County, and Wake Forest College.  He received his A. B. degree and his law degree at Wake Forest College.

Shirley came to Winston-Salem after his graduation in 1897, and was associated in law practice with John T. Benbow.  The practice was called Benbow and Hall for many years, until Frank B. Benbow joined and his name was added, to make Benbow, Hall and Benbow.

Shirley was an editorial writer for the Union Republican newspaper for several years after he began practicing law.

Shirley married Mattie Jones in 1905.

He was a member of the State Legislature during the 1909-11 sessions.  During World War I, he was chairman of the local exemption board.  Governor Pickett selected Shirley to be a member of the district exemption board for the western district of North Carolina.

Shirley was an outdoorsman, and enjoyed fox hunting.  He also liked to work with his hands, as evidenced by an article in the 1909 Winston-Salem Journal.   The article announced that Hall had made a rocking chair, of the rustic kind, that graced his offices in the Masonic Temple.  The writer of the article recommended that, while it was not beautiful, it was comfortable, but anyone who wished to sit in it for a length of time should bring a cushion.

Shirley was one of the charter members and organizers, and a vice-president, of the Farmers National Bank & Trust Company.  He was president of the Forsyth County Bar Association in 1930.

He retired from practicing law in 1960 and passed away in 1963.

Photo courtesy of Forsyth County Public Library Photograph Collection.

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