March 31, 1949: Eckerd’s Drug Store Opens on Trade Street

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Eckerd’s Lunch Counter      Eckerd’s Camera Department

Eckerd’s Drug Store opened its business at 420 North Trade Street on this date in 1949.  The building was previously occupied by Sears Department Store, before its move to a new building on West Fourth Street.

Drug stores were not self-service at this time, so the merchandise had to be brought out from behind the counter or out of the glass case for inspection by the customer.  There were many departments in Eckerd’s, and each department had a manager and assistants who were knowledgeable about the merchandise.  Some of the departments were:  stationery, cosmetics, tobacco, camera, and of course medicine.

The manager of the store was Mr. Green.

Photos courtesy of Forsyth County Public Library Photograph Collection.

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