Winston Theatre: August 1967


Do you remember the days of waiting in line just to get into the theatre to see a movie?  And, that movie theatre had only one screen and one showing of a movie at a time? Do you remember waiting in line through one movie and counting the people in front of you to see if you’ll get in for the next showing?

The line to get into the Winston Theatre is out of sight to the right in the above photo.  The featured movie is “The Dirty Dozen,” and the marquee announced that the movie featured “13 big stars headed by Lee Marvin.”

The Winston Theatre was located on West Fourth Street, nearly across from where Foothills Brewing Company is located today.  To the right of the theatre is Manuel’s Restaurant, plus several other smaller restaurants up the street.

The photo was taken in August 1967.  Who knows…you might have spent an afternoon of your summer standing in this line!  Or you might have taken one look at the line and decided that you would catch it on TCM in 40 years or so.

Photo courtesy of Forsyth County Public Library Photograph Collection.

Stay tuned for the next historical post on March 15th: Winston-Salem Places – Then & Now


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