Then and Now: West Fourth and Cherry Street


It’s hard to imagine houses and fences in the downtown area of Winston-Salem.  There were many homes located on downtown streets that in recent years have only seen business tenants.

Wyatt Bowman (1820-1882) built his house (shown above) “far out of town.”  It occupied the front part of the block from Cherry Street to Trade Street, on West Fourth Street.  When Mrs. Bowman died in 1910, the only other building in the block was the Masonic Temple, on the corner of West Fourth and Trade Street.   More businesses moved in after 1910, as the land was probably sold in parcels.


By the mid-1920s, the block (at left in the above photo) was occupied by businesses, with vehicles on the street and streetcar tracks in the middle of the street. The corner lot was vacant in this photo.  The building that later filled the corner lot, about 1926, was sold in 1951 by James A. Gray.  Wyatt Bowman was James A. Gray’s grandfather.


In 1958, during a February 15th snowfall, women crossed the street at Cherry and Fourth Streets.  The Wyatt Bowman block was at the left.  The corner lot was occupied by Kaufman’s (women’s clothing), next to Tiny Town (toys).  Other stores nearby were Ballerina Bootery (shoes), Robin’s (women’s clothing), Cohen’s (women’s clothing), Jay’s Credit Jewelers, Bernita Shop (millinery), Lee’s Shoe Store, and Hine’s Shoe Store.


The 1963 street view (shown above) gives a good look at the 200 block of West Fourth Street from Cherry Street to Trade Street, and on to Main Street.  Kaufman’s was still on the corner, with Tiny Town next door.


In February 2015, Jimmy John’s Sandwich Shop is located on the corner of Cherry and West Fourth Street.

Black and white photos courtesy of Forsyth County Public Library.  Color image courtesy of Molly Grogan Rawls.

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