Blast From the Past: Old Richmond School



Photos of Old Richmond School, taken in the 1950s, were recently added to the photo files of the Forsyth County Public Library Photograph Collection.  They were taken by newspaper photographer, Bill Ray, and are part of his photo collection that he donated to the library a few years ago.  The  negatives were scanned, and are shown here for the first time.  Please share the link with anyone who might have an interest in Old Richmond School.  And, please share the identification (if known) of the man who is seated on the step in the exterior view of the building.  Could he be former principal, John Wood?

Enjoy the photos of about 63 years ago!

BR.00219.12    BR.00219.14     BR.00219.7    BR.00219.8

The website for Old Richmond Elementary School contains a good history of the school and the different school buildings, including the 1923 brick building shown in these photos.  Read more about the building at

The following photos show Old Richmond School today, including the current school and the arch with the 1924 date, the old schoolhouse, and the gymnasium.

IMG_5602   IMG_5604



IMG_5610     IMG_5609

Black and white photos courtesy of Forsyth County Public Library Photograph Collection.  Color images courtesy of Molly Grogan Rawls.


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8 Responses

  1. Mary Harp says:

    That is John Wood who was principal at Old Richmond.

  2. Greg says:

    My grandfather confirms the identity of the man pictured as John Wood. He attended this school around that era.

  3. Joe Felts says:

    I believe that my father Carl Monroe Felts was principal at Old Ritchmond School sometime about the late 1920s and/or early 1930s. I know he came to King High School in 1932, and was principal in King until about 1958 or 1959. He was followed by Pricipal Odell Neal, a fine man and educator. I have pictures of Dad when he was also Principal at Germanton High School, in Germanton, NC.

  4. Joe Felts says:

    Principal Neal followed Principal Felts at King High School.

  5. Ann Allen Jones says:

    Hi Molly, I also took piano lessons from Mrs. Wood. They lived in the building to the back/side of the school. I think it could have been the old school house. I walked over to my lesson once a week from the second grade through the sixth grade. (1960-1965) I loved that old school with it’s coal heat, creaky oiled wood floors, lower level cafeteria, library smelling of old books, auditorium where we watched filmstrips every morning, and separate gymnasium building with polished wood flooring. There was a wonderful little school store outside Mr. Wood’s office and Mrs. Dorothy Hauser; school secretary, opened and sold school supplies and Luden’s cough drops there before and after school. Lovely.

    • Bonitia Ring Cleary says:

      I took piano from her as well and would walk to the house during playground time. I was there from ’63 thu ’69. Lots of great memories at Old Richmond.

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