August 19,1923: Oak Crest Lots For Sale

Oak Crest

On this day in 1923, the Winston-Salem Journal featured an ad for lots in the Oak Crest section of town.

The headline for the ad was “In the shadow of the city, where one can enjoy the fresh and healthful country air…this property lies just beyond Reynolda – 350 yards from the concrete highway.”  The concrete highway was Reynolda Road.

There were 27 tracts of land for sale, ranging from one to 16 acres, and the tracts could be subdivided.  The large-acre lots were very deep, providing parcels of land for gardens and even livestock.

Friendship Circle was the street connecting the majority of the lots within the development.  The ad mentioned Friendship Circle, “designed to mean just what the name implies – a community of friends.  Those who love country life can find it here, and, having near neighbors, need never be lonely.”

The main road for the development off of Reynolda Road was called Oak Crest Drive, which was later named East Polo Road.

The property was owned and for sale by J. W., F. H., and H. E. Fries.

Photo courtesy of Forsyth County Public Library Photograph Collection.

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