May 17,1907: First Public Performance in Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall

Memorial Hall was built to house rehearsal halls for music students, and to provide a venue for Salem Academy and College students to perform.  It was located on S. Church Street, near Academy Street.

The cornerstone for the building was laid on May 29, 1902, on Commencement Day.  It was named Memorial Hall in celebration of the centennial of the academy and college, which was celebrated from May 23rd to May 29th.

On this day in 1907, Memorial Hall was used for the first time in a public event.  “The Creator,”  a great oratorio, was performed during a music festival.  Memorial Hall was formally opened on May 20th.

Memorial Hall can be seen in the photo above, situated behind the Inspectors’ House.

The building was demolished in 1966.

Photo courtesy of Molly Grogan Rawls.

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