March 29, 1985: Twin City Sentinel Folds


The last issue of the Twin City Sentinel was published on this day in 1985.  The afternoon newspaper ended its run just 36 days short of its 100th birthday.

The newspaper’s daily circulation peaked at 50,000 in 1970, but shortly afterward began a decline, as did other afternoon newspapers.  In 1985, circulation was close to 31,000, and the decision was made to close the newspaper.

The Twin-City Daily began in 1885 as an afternoon daily newspaper, and was the first daily in Winston, which already had three weekly newspapers.  After a rocky start that involved much turnover in ownership, it finally got a firmer start by Preston A. Snider, who resumed publication of the Twin-City Daily after a five week break.  This newspaper became the Twin City Sentinel.

The above photo, by Charlie Buchanan, shows the last issue of the newspaper, held by managing editor Fred Flagler.  Photo courtesy of Forsyth County Public Library Photograph Collection.

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