January 27, 1928: R. J. Reynolds High School Seniors Make History


On this date: January 27, 1928.  R. J. Reynolds High School made local history when it graduated its first mid-term class.  As another first, the class was also the first high school senior class in North Carolina to wear caps and gowns during commencement exercises.  The students pose proudly in their caps and gowns in the photograph above.  And they are:

Bottom row:  Sara Francis Justice, Freda Plotkin, Naomi Essie, Margaret Knott, Margie Robbins, Annie Jenkins, Katherine Lancaster, Nancy Fulton, Esther Shepherd, and Dorothy Blackwood.

Middle row: Edwina Martin, class secretary; Lucile Transou, class president; Elizabeth Simpson, Virginia Blackwood, Ruby Davis, class vice-president; Margaret Evans, Evelyn Wood, Kenneth Shepherd, and Clarence Tuttle.

Back row:  Joseph Sherrill, Livy Copple, Clifford Steadman, Wallace Calloway, Robert Shinn, class treasurer; William Johnson, Claude Land, Isadore Plotkin, Frank Davis, and Otis Morgan.

Two members of the class, Stella Binkley and Annie Sue Sheets, were not present when the photograph was taken.

Photo courtesy of Forsyth County Public Library Photograph Collection.

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