Do you remember…highway coffee breaks?

It wasn’t too long ago when highway coffee breaks were popular along our interstate highways, particularly around holidays.  The photo shown above was taken in November 1957, during the Thanksgiving holidays.  Drivers were encouraged to take a rest break to keep everyone awake and alert while driving long distances in heavy traffic.

Winston-Salem Jaycees sponsored the coffee break shown in the photo and supplied the hot beverages (and maybe soft drinks) and snacks to travelers on this occasion.  Policeman Cyrus A. Alldred and Patrolman C. A. Wyrick were ready to assist travelers, while Jaycees Ed Landers, Thad Lewellen, Martin Mackie, and Jim Robertson offered beverages and snacks.  Lewellen is handing a pamphlet to traveler Stephen Baratta.

Perhaps the proliferation of fast food restaurants and coffee shops located along the highways has eliminated the need for the sponsored coffee break stations today.

Photo courtesy of Forsyth County Public Library Photograph Collection.

Stay tuned for the next delicious post on November 20th (just in time for your Thanksgiving feast), and the next historical post on December 1st.


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