What’s in a Name? Our Schools: The Quiz


The Winston-Salem Time Traveler feature in the October issue of Forsyth Woman Magazine is titled, “What’s in a Name? Our Schools.”  The article mentions the names of several schools that once existed in Forsyth County, along with schools that were named for an individual and a brief description of that person.

As promised in the article, here’s a name and fact quiz  for our local schools.  Some of the answers can also be found in articles on this website.

Find a copy of the October issue of Forsyth Woman Magazine, either in print or online, and see how well you know Forsyth County school history.

What’s in a Name?  Our Schools: The Quiz


  1. What is the original name of the school that was named for Leonard E. Philo?
  1. Name one of the schools that had a swimming pool on its property.
  1. What is the name of the school that was built on land formerly used for playing polo?
  1. What is the name of the high school that was built in the 1960s and did not have a geographical “direction” in its name?
  1. What current school has a monument dedicated to its namesake on the school grounds, but the statue was not originally placed in its current location?
  1. What current school has a monument dedicated to the person who financed the school, but the statue was not originally placed in its current location?
  1. What school was named for a teacher and a principal who worked at the same school?
  1. What current elementary school was originally a 1st through 12th grade school?
  1. What current middle school was also an elementary and a junior high school?
  1. What former neighborhood public school is currently a private church school?
  1. Name two schools (there could be more) that were rebuilt either on or very close to their original locations.
  1. What Forsyth County town had their own high school…then they didn’t…and now they do again?
  1. What high school was the first to hold their graduation exercises at the coliseum?
  1. What high school began without a senior class, then became a junior high school, and is now a high school again?
  1. What elementary and middle schools have a name reminiscent of a bird?
  1. What former high school now offers classes to future actors, musicians, dancers, technicians, etc., under a new name?
  2. What school is named for the educator who was Northwest High School’s sole principal?


  1. Konnoak Junior High School.
  1. Skyland School.
  1. Wesley B. Speas School on Polo Road.
  1. Parkland High School.
  1. Calvin H. Wiley Middle School. The monument was originally placed on the grounds of the West End School (Broad and West Fourth Streets), but was moved when the West End School was demolished in 1948.
  1. Richard J. Reynolds High School. The monument is dedicated to Katharine Smith Reynolds Johnston, who conceived the idea of a school and auditorium, dedicated to her first husband, Richard J. Reynolds.  The monument was located originally near Reynolda Presbyterian Church and was later moved to the grounds of Reynolds High School.
  1. Hall-Woodward Elementary. Miss Hall was the teacher who taught at the school while Julius Woodward was the principal.  Also, this is the only school named for a teacher (who did not become a principal).
  1. Old Town Elementary School and South Fork Elementary School.  However, South Fork is in a different building.
  1. Calvin H. Wiley Middle School.
  1. Ardmore Elementary School is now Redeemer School on Miller Street.
  1. Whitaker Elementary School, Moore Elementary School, South Fork Elementary School, and Old Richmond Elementary School. There may be more!
  1. Walkertown.
  1. North Forsyth in 1965.
  1. Mount Tabor.
  1. Meadowlark Elementary and Middle Schools.
  1. Gray High School, which is now the UNC School of the Arts.

17. Gibson Elementary School was named for Julian Gibson, Northwest High School’s only principal (1955-1963).  Northwest became a junior high school in 1963 and is a middle school today.

The photo above was taken at North Forsyth High School in 1968.  Photos courtesy of Forsyth County Public Library Photograph Collection.

Stay tuned: Next historical post on October 15th: “Vintage Baseball Photo”

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