Reynolds Park

Reynolds Park

The Winston-Salem Journal ran a story about Reynolds Park in the March 20th issue.

The story included a few images of the park through the years, but did not cover many of the features of the park that are so memorable to many local people.

The large-letter postcard shown above includes images of many features, such as the swimming pool and the gym.

Here are a few images of the park that might bring back some memories of this special recreational area.


The photo above is an aerial of the park taken in 1941.


This is the park sign when the park was dedicated in 1940.


Engineer Jack Hartley and Thomas Thornton spent some train time together at Reynolds Park in August 1952.

FJ.15140      FJ.15141

The two photos shown above are the clubhouse from the front and the back in 1940.


The Reynolds Park Grill was a popular stop before and after a round of golf on the Reynolds Park course.


This is one of the new original picnic shelters built in the park.


Roller skating was a popular activity for teenagers, as shown in this 1948 photo.  Skating in the photo are Bobbie Irvin, Hamilton Bolling, David Brewer, Ann Wright, Hampton Mauze, June Williams, and Jim Vogel.


Many children spent their summer days in 1958 in the swimming pool with their friends.


Mary Lou Posey waves to the photographer at the pool in 1956.


Most residents will agree that Reynolds Park was a great place to enjoy a miniature train ride or see the view from the Ferris wheel or sit on the carousel when the sun was too hot.

The golf course and the swimming pool are still at the park, but the amusement area is just a memory.

Question:  What presidential candidate visited Reynolds Park and made a speech there in 1940?

What are your memories of Reynolds Park?

Color postcard courtesy of Molly Grogan Rawls.  Black & white photographs are from the Forsyth County Public Library Photograph Collection.

Stay tuned for the next historical post on April 15th: What happened in April 1916?

Answer to the Reynolds Park question: Thomas Dewey

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