October 19: Happy Birthday! James Francis Malcolm

James Malcolm

James “Jim” Francis Malcolm was born on this day in 1917, in Mooresville, to William Franklin and Lottie Gant Malcolm.

Jim spend his childhood and youth at the Children’s Home.  He graduated from R. J. Reynolds High School and Appalachian State University.

He coached freshman football at ASU, and also coached basketball at Mineral Springs High School.

Jim served in the United States Air Force during World War II.  He married Rachel Vance.

Jim spent most of his career as vice principal at North Forsyth High School.  He also worked as vice principal at Parkland High School.  He worked for Lambe Young Real Estate Company as well.

He was active in several local organizations, such as the Winston-Salem Clean and Green Committee.

Jim passed away in 1991.

The photo is from the 1965 North Forsyth High School yearbook.


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2 Responses

  1. Judy says:

    Not sure where this info originated; however, Mr Malcolm coached football, not basketball, at Mineral Springs High School. For most of his career, he was history teacher and football coach at MSHS. Not sure anout that Parkland blurb. Never heard that before. Anyone?

    • Judy, Thanks for your comment on Mr. Malcolm. Most of the information in the post was obtained from his obit. I have a photo of Mr. Malcolm and Mr. Gray Cartwright on the bench (coaching) at a basketball game, most probably at Mineral Springs. I did not know about his time at Parkland either. If you have additional information, please let me know. I knew him as assistant principal at North Forsyth.

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