August 15: Happy Birthday! Judge Henry Reuben Starbuck


Judge Henry Reuben Starbuck was born on this day in 1866, in Winston-Salem, to Darius Henry and Ellen Blickenderfer Starbuck.  His home was located on the lot where City Hall is situated today.

Henry attended the Salem Boys School, then graduated from the University of North Carolina with a A. B. degree in 1887.

He studied law under Col. George M. Folk of Caldwell County and was admitted to the bar in 1888.  He was in law practice with A. H. Eller.

Henry was married to Nancy Lee Agurs in 1891

He was elected judge of the Superior Court and was on the bench eight years.

In 1909 and in 1911 he was elected a member of the State Senate.  The Forsyth County Court was created in 1915, and Judge Starbuck was named judge of the new court by the Legislature.  He was reappointed to this position on three subsequent occasions by the governor.

He practiced law with his son, William, until a few months before his death in 1958.

He was a member of Home Moravian Church, and was a charter member of the Twin City Club and the Civitan Club.  He was past president of the Chamber of Commerce, and one of the oldest members of the Forsyth Bar Association.

Judge Starbuck was easily recognized in town because of the old-fashioned winged collar and black bow tie which he regularly wore.

Photo courtesy of Forsyth County Public Library Photograph Collection.

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