Identification Please! Class Trip, April 1961


This photograph was donated to the Forsyth County Public Library.  It is unidentified as to names, but there is a date on the photograph, April 1961.

It is possibly a senior class trip to Washington, DC, maybe by Northwest High School students.  The man on the far left, second row, is wearing a varsity sweater with the letter “N” on the pocket.

The man in the very middle of the photo may be a teacher or a principal, and the woman beside him could be a teacher.

We don’t have a Northwest yearbook for 1961, but if anyone can tell me if you recognize someone from this group, we might be able to identify the other people.  If anyone wants to see a higher resolution image, please send an email through this website and I’ll send a larger image.

Any help with identification of this photo is appreciated!  I’ll post results if we identify the group.

Thank you!

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