April 12: Happy Birthday! Rufus Alexander Shore

Rufus A. Shore

Rufus Alexander Shore was born on this day in 1863, in Winston-Salem, to Jonas and Elizabeth Thomas Shore.

Rufus worked in the newspaper field as a young man, and began his career as an office boy.  He progressed rapidly and in a few years he bought an interest in the newspaper, and became co-publisher of the Twin City Sentinel in 1918, with Henry Dwire.  When the newspaper was sold in 1927, he directed his attention to other interests.  But he returned in 1931 and became director of national advertising.  At the time of his death in 1939, he was a member of the Board of Directors of the Piedmont Publishing Company.

Rufus was president of the Standard Building and Loan Association, and had worked in the building and loan work for many years.  He was a past president of the Chamber of Commerce, treasurer of the Community Chest, and member of the Winston-Salem Retail Merchants Association.

He took part in many activities involving church and Sunday school work at Home Moravian Church.  He served on the board of trustees for Salem College.  And, he was working with a group that was interested in the preservation and restoration of the buildings in Old Salem.

Rufus was treasurer of the Rotary Club for more than 20 years.

Photo courtesy of Forsyth County Public Library Photograph Collection.

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