March 7: Happy Birthday! Hiram Sedgwick Cody


Hiram Sedgwick Cody was born in Chicago in 1888.  He attended school in Chicago, and graduated from Michigan State University and the University of Michigan.  He received a law degree from Northwestern University.

Hiram worked in show business briefly after college, but decided that he really wanted a career in real estate.  He opened the Cody Realty and Mortgage Company in Winston-Salem in 1933, and remained its president until his retirement in 1962.

During his brief show business career, Mr. Cody appeared in several movies, including “Buffalo Bill’s Wild West,” made in 1933.  He was particularly interested in and proud of his family heritage.  He was the third cousin, twice removed, of the famous William F. (Buffalo Bill) Cody.

He appeared in local plays, and gave impersonations of Buffalo Bill for the Little Theatre.

Cody was a member of several local organizations, and was awarded the M. A. I. designation by the American Institute of Real Estate Appraisers of the National Association of Real Estate Boards.   When he received the designation at the age of 75 (in 1965), he was one of only three people in Winston-Salem who held the designation.

Cody passed away in 1971.

Photo courtesy of Forsyth County Public Library Photograph Collection.

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