January 22, 1928: New Friends Church Opens on Broad Street

PC-Friends Meeting

On this date: January 22, 1928.  Winston-Salem Friends (Quaker) Meeting was organized in 1912 through the efforts of Rev. and Mrs. David Sampson.  They met first in the home of the Sampsons on N. Cherry Street, then at the old YMCA, and then in the building vacated by North Winston Baptist Church on Patterson Avenue.

The congregation outgrew the church building in the 1920s and land was purchased on the corner of Broad and Sixth Streets.  A new church was built that had 16 classrooms, a Sunday School auditorium, balcony, main auditorium, and various other conveniences to serve the congregation well in the years to come.

The outstanding indebtedness  became a major burden at the beginning of and throughout the depression, making it difficult to make a dent in the debt.  The Endsley family left their farm to the church, and when the farm was sold in 1944, the money was applied to the indebtedness.  Other members also contributed and pushed for retirement of the debt, which was finally done in 1945.

The mortgage was paid off and the paper was burned by Mrs. Sampson at a church dedication service in 1945.

Photo courtesy of Molly Grogan Rawls.

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  1. I attended that church with my father and grandfather.

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