Summertime Memories – Part 1


Ah summertime!  Just the thought of the endless days of summer helps us make it through the wintertime, through schooldays…either as a student or as a teacher, and through tense and crowded schedules.

We all have special memories of what we like to do in the summertime, and about what we did as youngsters in the summertime.

For the next several posts, I’ll revisit some of the places and summertime events that played a part in the happenings of Winston-Salem.  Maybe the photos will reawaken some of those memories that have been tucked away for a few years.


Summertime means unscheduled days…lots of time to hang out with pals, mostly living outside.

Marbles is an outside game, mostly played by boys, and marble tournaments were once the rage.   Marbles is a simple game.  Just draw lines in the sand, pull out your trusted shooter, and try not to lose your marbles.


Boys, bikes and dogs just go together, and some even share their ice cream cones with their furry friends.


Of course, fast forward a few years, and the boys think that sharing an ice cream cone with a pretty girl has its advantages.


In Winston-Salem, one place that had lots of ice cream flavors was the Farmers Dairy Bar on Stratford Road.  You could eat inside, perched on a padded stool, or at one of the tables.


There was a separate room, called the Colonial Room, where birthday parties and other special events were celebrated.


The delicious food of summer is a topic in itself.  Some foods just say summertime, like watermelon.  Getting together to enjoy a watermelon feast is just heavenly and tasty,


even if you have to compete with lots of other reaching hands to get your piece, like these children at the Children’s Home.


Some treats require a little work, like finding and picking blackberries.


For many years, on Sunday evenings, the Winston-Salem Symphony performed at Graylyn for Music at Sunset.  Attendees could listen to first-class music, led by John Iuele, and enjoy a picnic dinner on the grounds.


Some people brought their tables and chairs, and gathered in large groups,

Picture13    Picture14

or in smaller, family groups.  But everyone enjoyed the fellowship with musical accompaniment.


Another musical treat was the Salem Band Concert in Salem Square, led by Austin Burke.


This was also a picnic event, maybe a little less formal, and these concerts are still happening in Salem Square this summer.


Stay tuned for Summertime Memories – Part 2: The Old Swimming Hole, coming August 1.

Photos courtesy of Forsyth County Public Library Photograph Collection.



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