August 22,1960: Ard-Vista Animal Hospital Opens


On this day in 1960, Ard-Vista Animal Hospital opened at 527 South Stratford Road.

The new hospital was owned by the husband and wife team of veterinarians, Dr. Bert Kalet and Dr. Dorothy Kalet.  They were the first husband and wife team of veterinarians to practice in the area, and the second such team to practice in North Carolina.

Dr. Bert Kalet lived in Winston-Salem, then attended school at N. C. State University and the University of Georgia.  Dr. Dorothy Kalet was a native of Currituck County, and attended UNC-G and N. C. State University, as well as the University of Georgia.  They married as graduate students.

The practice began small, with a reception room, a room for diagnosis and treatment, and an operating room.  They were well-stocked with equipment, and planned to add boarding to their services at a later date.

Ard-Vista Animal Hospital was purchased in 1991 by another husband and wife team of veterinarians, Dr. Raymond Morrison and Dr. Jenifer Geisler.  The hospital is situated in the same location on South Stratford Road and offers a wide-range of services for small animals.  Their website is

Current photo by Molly Grogan Rawls.



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